The Abortion Debate with Kerry Baldwin

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The Abortion Debate with Kerry Baldwin

This is the first interview with Kerry Baldwin on the topic of abortion and libertarian Christian perspective. The abortion debate with Kerry Baldwin gives a view of abortion that includes economic aspects not previously (or seriously) considered by conservative prolifers.

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How the Prolife Movement is Aborting a Prolife Era

This is a constructive criticism of the prolife movement, particularly latest attempts by Jeff Durbin to criminalize.

The Christian Feminist View of Abortion

This is a constructive criticism of the so-called Christian feminist view of abortion, a.k.a. “safe, legal, and rare” formerly of the Clinton Administration.

Libertarianism, Ownership, and Fetal Self-Ownership (1 of 2)

This is presentation of Rothbard’s case for human rights in terms of property rights, and how the consistent application of his philosophy suggests that the unborn have the negative right to non-interference.

Libertarianism, Ownership, and Fetal Self-Ownership (2 of 2)

This is the second of the above presentation where I show how the natural state of pregnancy lends itself to limited positive rights of the fetus from her parents for life support, contra Rothbard.

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B.A. Philosophy, Arizona State University. My writing focuses on libertarian philosophy and reformed theology and aimed at the educated layperson. I am a confessionally Reformed Christian orthodox Presbyterian in the tradition of J. Gresham Machen (1881 – 1937)

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