3.8 Mises vs Marx

Which course objectives would you like to work on this week?

(The complete list is found in your worksheets)


What skill are you pretty good at and would like to master?


What skill do you struggle at and would like to become resilient at?

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Question of the Week

What other viewpoints and perspectives do we need to consider?

Socratic Questions (for understanding):

What is the purpose of this chapter?

What is the main problem the author is trying to solve?

What information or evidence is provided in support of the main question?

What inferences (conclusions) do the twins want you to draw, based on the evidence?

Socratic Questions (for analysis):

What concept is the author discussing?

What assumptions are being made?

What are some implications or consequences of these ideas?

What viewpoint will you take in the seminar?

Agree with the videos?

Agree with the Socialism?

Take a third position not considered?

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