2.3 “The Messed Up Market”


Module 1: Self-Reflection

  • Introduction to Ideas
  • Discussing ideas you disagree with
  • Personality affects your thinking
  • “The Education Vacation”

Module Two: Becoming Challenged

  • Who owns you?
  • “The Golden Rule”
  • “The Messed Up Market”

Module Three: Practicing Thinking

  • “The Miraculous Pencil”
  • “The Food Truck Fiasco”
  • “The Law”
  • “The Fate of the Future”
  • “Their Spectacular Show Business”
  • “The Search for Atlas”
  • “The Creature from Jekyll Island”
  • “The Road to Surfdom”

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Lesson Objectives

Develop Your Worldview
understanding that our views incorporate both insight and error.

Intellectual Perseverance
cultivate intellectual ‘grit’ – overcoming barriers to understanding

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Question of the Week

How does delaying gratification help you?

Question templates:

WHO is ___ about? (Who is it not about?)
WHAT does ____ mean? (What does it not mean?)
WHEN does ____ matter? (When does it not apply?)
WHERE does ____ apply? (Where does it not apply?)
WHY should I care about ____? (Why should I not care?)
HOW does ____ work? (How does is not work)


Read “The Messed Up Market”

Mere LibertyComplete the worksheets provided fo

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