1.3 The Guide-Learner Relationship



Module 1: The Art of Learning

  • Two Ways of Discovery
  • Ignorance is Not Always Bliss
  • The Guide-Learner Relationship
  • The Role of Thinking in Discovery

Module 2: All About the Socratic Method

  • Socrates, the Man
  • The Uses of the Socratic Method
  • Offshoots of the Socratic Method
  • How to Conduct a Socratic Seminar
  • Eight Types of Socratic Questions 
  • Should the Socratic Guide Participate in the Dialogue?

Module 3: Stages & Skills of Thinking

  • The Six Stages of Thinking
  • Applications for Education
  • Critical Feeling: How Thoughts & Feelings Relate
  • Manipulation vs Influence
  • Traits and Skills of Critical Thinkers
  • Logical Fallacies & Cognitive Biases

Module 4: Writing as Thinking

  • Observation & Contemplation: The Socratic Seminar for Introverts
  • Write to Think, Don’t Think to Write
  • The Method of Writing as Thinking
  • Write without Fear, Edit without Mercy
  • Introduction & Conclusion

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